Monday, March 30, 2009

it's official. cheat weekend is okay.

I know all of you are dying to know how my Twilight party turned out! It was fantastic! My girls came over and we ATE (alot, I might add), watched the movie and then decided to drive over to the VFW. I will make a confession. I got drunk for the first time in 3 months! I have been so gung-ho about this diet that I haven't allowed myself any alcohol, but it was soo much fun! I'm definitely a new believer in cheat weekends! Emily and I have decided this next weekend, we won't cheat. We're tricking our metabolism! HA! So, of course, I'll include some pictures for you are my spiffy decorations (haha):

My girls: (I so totally love these girls!)

We are totally throwing sign-language "e"s for Edward!!

And the VFW pictures! It was Carly & Emily's dad's birthday so we had to party good!!

Emily's "Gypsy Hooker." It was a shot of Tequila and a shot of pickle juice!

Our favorite bartender, Teresa!!


Friday, March 27, 2009

oh yes i did.

You guys just thought the glasses made me a huge nerd. Look what came in the mail yesterday:
Oh, come know you guys love them too!!

PS: Krystal Hayward-where are you?


Thursday, March 26, 2009

i'm full of nothing to say.

Hello my fellow bloggers!

This post really will be pointless. I just feel like I should post today, although, I have nothing to say really!

Going grocery shopping tonight. :( I hate grocery shopping! It costs so much to eat healthy! But, I'm going into withdrawls without my apples/grapes packages and Weight Watchers cookies! I'm totally not looking forward to going to Paris yet again this week but luckily it's not raining today and that's what I've been waiting on!

I fully plan on doing 60 minute Cardio, 25 minute Jillian's Shred and walking at least 3 miles tonight! I refuse to be distracted by tv, Twilight or my new book! :) I'm up to a loss of 25 pounds, so that means I just have 25 more to lose before June to meet my first goal! Keep your fingers crossed I can do it!

Real quick: here's a recommendation for you guys. Especially if you work in an office all me, it can get pretty quiet and somewhat boring. Check out It's free online radio and you can type in what you want to hear and it will populate a whole bunch of songs that are related to that one you selected. Really cool! For example: I typed in Eli Young Band, obviously. :) And it gave me a whole station full of Texas Country Bleu Edmondson, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Randy Rogers Band and Roger Creager! I LOVE IT!

Also, sorry in advance, guys. There will be more Twilight pictures posted on Monday from the weekend Twilight party! Sorry, I know ya'll are probably more than tired of Twilight! But, you know how I am: gotta have my obsession!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

look what i found: the reason i'm single.

So, I was digging through an old picture box at lunch today and stumbled across a list that my girlfriend's and I made freshman year of college. I remember it just like it was yesterday. Haha. We were sitting in the caf at SAU just talking, about boys (you have to remember we were all 17 & 18 years old.) And we decided to make a list of all the qualities we needed in a man. It's a collective list from all of us, so it's pretty long; 4 pages to be exact! I found it quite hilarious!! This is my list for my perfect man, word for word, according to me, Holli, Carly and Maribeth.

1. Dark hair
2. Tan skin
3. Good wardrobe
4. White & straight teeth (Which is still very important to me today.)
5. Muscles (really? :))
6. A little bit of facial hair is okay, no beards!
7. NO SMOKING or DIPPING (Apparently, this is before I became a smoker myself.)
8. Decent sized ears
9. Tall, broad shoulders; gooby lines. (In case you ladies aren't familiar, gooby lines are the lines on a man's abdomen leading downwards. Think: David Beckham.)
10. Keeps his identity
11. Won't suffocate me (Still essential for relationships with Kasey.)
12. Manners!
13. Sense of humor (Also, still critical today.)
14. Polite, courteous, considerate
15. FUN
16. Christian
17. Loves his mama, but not too much. (Haha, I love this.)
18. Financially independent
19. Doesn't live with his parents
20. Wants a family and children one day
21. Likes my friends and my friends like him
22. Holds a steady job (very nice.)
23. Good vocabulary
25. Doesn't mind cleaning (does this man exist?)
26. Good cook (I added this one for sure because I don't cook, ever.)
27. Can wine and dine
28. Smells good (I hope so!)
29. Can sit and do nothing with me, no couch potatoes! (What?)
30. Looks good in a hat
31. Can carry on conversations
32. Can take him home to parents
33. Answers the phone when I call
34. NO emotional baggage!
37. Accepts me for who I am
38. Thinks my blonde moments are cute
39. Not bossy
40. Not selfish
41. Good family life/background
42. Not too jealous, but still cares
43. Compliments me!
44. Can pay his own bills
45. Loyal
46. Shares my good morals and values
47. NO UNIBROW (This one is odd considering Robert Pattinson has one of the worst unibrows I've ever seen and I think he is amazingly good looking.)
48. Well-groomed but not metro-sexual
49. No baldness
50. No gauged ears
51. Not an incredible amount of visible tattoos
52. I'm the only one for him
53. Has a strong sense of home
54. Isn't afraid to introduce me to friends and family
56. Cocky, but not too cocky
57. Has a car, truck or suv
58. Self-confident
59. Not POOR, a little money is good (How shallow!)
60. Chiseled jawbones (See, this is totally me. I love some good bone structure and jawbones are my weakness!)
61. NO GOOGLER (For those of you who aren't familiar, a GOOGLER is a double chin!)
62. Strong, manly hands but still soft
63. Is willing to take things slowly, but can speed it up if asked to
64. Will warm me up when I'm cold
65. Full lips, but not LL Cool J lips (Hahaha!)
66. Is willing to watch a chick flick with me and admits to liking it
67. Knows there are other tv channels besides ESPN and MTV
68. NO mustache
69. NO moles
70. Wears watches; manly bracelets (1 or 2) [ARE YOU SERIOUS??]
71.Pampers me as much as I pamper him
72. Likes to hunt (WTF?)
73. No camo unless they are in the deer woods
74. No beer guts
75. Can be a social drinker, no alcoholics (Brandon) [Okay, this is hilarious! The name in parenthesis was a guy Holli tried to date but drank ALL the time!]
76. Steady haircut
77. Smart
78. No potty mouths
79. No tennis shoes with jeans; boots or birkenstocks only
80. Collared shirts
81. NO dry skin
83. Eats more than me (I was a LOT skinnier then!)
84. Can use a gun
85. Carries a pocket knife
86. Wallet in back pocket; tri-fold wallets only (Which now I HATE tri-fold wallets!)
88. Belt and shoes have to match (Still something I notice...)
89. No socks and sandles (AMEN!)
90. Baseball Players!!
91. Table manners
92. Fish hook on hat (Haha, all the boys used to do this if they were good ole' country boys!)
93. NO wallet chains (I agree!)
94. Buys clothing that fits but not too snug
95. Calls me just to talk
96. Listens well
97. Has good taste in music, movies, food, decor, etc.
98. Likes Christmas (VERY IMPORTANT!)
99. Will spoil me on Valentine's Day
100. Cares about his health i.e. cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.
101. Happy trail
102. Finds me irresistable like Corey & Topanga (HAHA!)
103. Will still love me without makeup on
104. Respects me and my wishes
105. Be nice to my friends
106. Well shaven, not scruffy
107. Boxers, not briefs
108. Not a pervert
109. Can talk to me like a person, not a piece of prized meat
110. Would fight for me
111. Brings me back something from a trip
112. Will play video games with me even when I suck (what?!?)
113. Will give up his bed so I can sleep better
114. Put up with me when I'm cranky or P-M-S-ing
115. Fresh breath
116. Good manicured fingernails
117. Good cuddler
118. No open toes if feet are "bucked up" (Bucked up means messed up or gross)
119. Flip flops and jeans please!
120. Preppy dresser (I so don't like this now!)
121.Country Boy (Don't you think #120 kinda clashes with this one!?)
122. Can get along with my Dad (Which I now know is IMPOSSIBLE)
123. Not a big complainer; optimistic
124. Will come pick me up
125. Keeps his hands to himself on the first date
126. Will take me fishing even though I'm loud and bad at it
127. Good driver (safe, doesn't take chances)
128. Doesn't take advantage of me (sexually, mentally, etc.)
129. NO BUMS
130. Good dancer
131. Likes to party and have fun
132. Plays guitar or piano (not a must, but a plus) [This still totally turns me on, by the way. Robert Pattinson plays both. :)]
133. Can be a kid, but is grown up
134. Be at my RESCUE (ex: flat tire or I'm upset)
137. Wears aftershave
139. Hard worker
140. Doesn't talk during a movie! (Still very important!)
141. Not fidgety (ADD) [HAHAHAH!!!]
142. Uses a napkin, not a sleeve or his pants
145. If you can fit into my pants, you CAN'T get into my pants. No skinny guys.
146. Contacts not glasses (At this point, I didn't wear glasses either.)
147. TALL
148. Not too skinny (As covered above.)
149. Hairy legs and arms
150. NO TRACK GUYS (Discrimination!!)
151. Can yell with me at a basketball game
152. Doesn't embarass me
153. Knows when to talk, knows when not to
154. Good penmanship
155. Will support my dreams, goals and passions

I think I was dreaming of Edward Cullen even back then! A fictional character! This is why I'm single...too much pressure on the poor fellas! I know this is all very realistic: to think one man would have all the right qualities. It's fun to dream though, right?

Monday, March 23, 2009

the addiction is back, stronger than ever.

Like I said, it's back. Twilight is my addiction. I don't understand why I can't get away from it, not that I want to!

Here are some pics from the Twilight DVD Release Party at Hastings and Wal-Mart from this past Friday. It was super fun, but reallyyyyy packed! Also, confession: I bought ANOTHER Twilight DVD. I had already pre-ordered one back in January and I bought another Friday night...I just couldn't help it! Everyone around me was buying them! So, Misty is going to take the other off my hands when it comes in the mail. :)

So, since I've bought the DVD, I've watched it 4 times. Yes, 4 times since about 12: 30 Friday night. Yeesh! I told you the addiction is back with a vengeance! I'm totally checking out the movie with commentary this weekend! Wow. I know I'm a total nerd, but I am so NOT ashamed. I love my Twilight and can't wait for this weekend for my own viewing partyyyy!!


Friday, March 20, 2009

twilight on dvd tonight!

Yay! Twilight DVD is released tonight at 12:01 am! Woot! My friends and I will be attending the Twilight DVD Release Party at Hasting's and I AM PUMPED! I'm having my own party on March 28th because I pre-ordered my DVD back in January and it won't arrive here until sometime next week. Which brings me to this question, why the heck did I even pre-order? I get my DVD later than everyone else and I am stuck sitting and waiting. WHAT? But, I guess the purpose of the pre-order is so I don't have to fight hundreds of 14 year old girls for my copy of lucsious Edward. I am so totally attending the Hastings party though, 14 year old girls or not!

So, I'm up to 3 Twilight shirts and I think that's where I'll stop. It just seems that every Twilight event needs a new shirt! So, I bought a cheap one at Wal-Mart last night for the Hastings party, mainly because I don't want to go to two Twilight parties in the same shirt! :) My shirt for tonight's festivities looks like this: I'm excited! All my girlfriends are's going to be a blast! :) You guys should find Twilight parties near you!!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i'm a music, movie, tv, book WHORE.

I've come to the conclusion that I may be addicted to words. I love music, tv, movies, internet, books...etc. All containing words. That being said, this will be my WORDS POST. I plan on making recommendations, AGAIN! I know, I'm addicted!

Let's start with music. PLEASE go to your iTunes right now and buy Bleu Edmondson's cd "Lost Boy!" It's so stinkin' worth it! They are super amazing! If you love country, like're gonna love this! It's Texas country, and you all know that's my favorite so check it out!
Ok, tv. I know I'm behind on this one, but how great is "How I Met Your Mother"?? Ah-may-zing. I love it. If you haven't watched it, you must! You will laugh so hard!! So, who watched "Secret Life of the American Teenager" last night? Ugh. I thought I would throw up...since when did Amy become such a little beyotch? That just really bothered me and I so thought it was worth mentioning. Haha.

Let's skip movies since I haven't been to see one since BRIDE WARS!! Haha. Okay, Twilight DVD Release Party March 28th! I'll be watching a movie then!

Books. This is the one I really need help with. I need your recommendations! I have my Harry Potter books sitting on the shelf but I'm just not ready to read them yet...I want something else. I'm about 100 pages from finishing "The Trophy Wives Club" and I want something really GRRREAT to read next! Any thoughts? Help!

I guess that's all for me...I really just wanted to tell you guys to listen to Bleu Edmondson!! :)


i'm now officially a nerd.

It's official. My continuous reading and internet surfing has paid off. I'm now a not-so-proud wearer of glasses. I knew it was going to happen eventually, my eyes have gradually gotten worse and worse. So, it's a fact now...I wear glasses. But, only when I'm doing nerd things. Ha. Reading, being on the computer, watching TV...things of this nature. So I thought you might enjoy a nerd picture of myself:
I actually got a fantastic deal on two pairs of glasses and I LOVE my eye doctor. So, all in all...the trip to the doctor wasn't a total bust! And, I CAN SEE NOW! So, now when my Twilight DVD comes in the mail...I will be able to see Edward QUITE CLEARLY. Woot! Here's another picture of one of the pairs of my glasses. These are my "fun" glasses as Emily calls them!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i kissed a vampire. and i liked it.

My Twilight dvd should arrive in the mail in no more than 10 days! I cannot wait to have Edward in my living room! So, I've decided to throw a "Twilight DVD Release Party!" I'm soo excited. Luckily, nearly all my good girlfriends have read and fallen in love with the series as I won't be alone! I even bought myself a new shirt to wear to the party! Here it is: (odd looking girl not included, thank goodness.)So, obviously at the party we're going to watch the MOVIE. But, I need some help! I want to make some Twilight inspired snacks! But, as you all know...I'm on a pretty strict diet. So I need help. Any ideas? (Krystal, this is really for you because I know you can cook!) I think I'm going to make my grandma's famous spinach dip and call it James' "You brought a snack" snack! Too cheesy? We're also going to have Bloody Marys renamed Bloody Bellas (because I hate that bitch.) and probably some apple spice muffins, but I haven't decided what to call them yet! Also, I found a recipe online for a VERY low calorie pizza, so I thought we could have "Edward's Only Bite" pizza (since that's all he ever eats in the book). I just feel like there are probably better things out there...I just need to come across them! So help me please!


Monday, March 9, 2009

small things make me happy.

Small things make me VERY happy. See: Yay! Good news! Wal-Mart FINALLY put my jewelry box on sale! you know I snatched that puppy up for $25! Thank you very much!This weekend was a blast! Happy Birthday Steph and Jana! We went to Big Rock with Steph and then stopped by Jana's house was suuuppper fun! (Yes, I am wearing green, yet again, in this picture. I can't help it, I love it!)

So, the verdict on the weigh-in this week....Emily has lost 23 pounds so far, I've lost 20 and Carly has lost 12! Not too bad since we've been dieting since January 5th. I was very proud of all of us! This next week I'm purchasing a gym membership! Yay, I cannot wait.

Also, I want a new phone. I LOVE my Centro but I want a touch screen slider one. Haha. So, if you guys know of any cool phones that are compatible with Sprint, let me know!!

I guess that's all for now...sorry I don't have any juicy gossip for you guys today!


Friday, March 6, 2009

i should totally work for ET.

Well, folks...I woke up to some good news and some bad news this morning. You want the good or bad first? Let's start with the good!
According to, Twilight actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have indeed touched down in Vancouver, Canada for filming of the hotly anticipated Twilight sequel, New Moon. Robert was quickly escorted out of sight by handlers to avoid being unceremoniously mobbed by waiting fans, reports. “Rob’s movements are being kept super secret service to keep [the fans] away from disrupting production."
Um, YAY! I'm so excited for New Moon! I already have my TEAM EDWARD shirt...thank you! November 20, 2009. You better believe I'll be pre-pre-pre ordering my tickets!

Okay, on to the bad news. Vince Vaughn is no longer an eligible bachelor. My dreams are crushed! Weeks after Us Weekly reported that the actor, 38, proposed to Canadian real estate agent Kyla Weber, her father confirmed the news Thursday in an interview with the Montreal Gazette. He declined to comment any further. "She's so happy and excited! They clicked from the beginning," a pal recently told Us of the couple. That Kyla, what a bitch.

Thanks to my wonderful co-worker, Doug, I have just been notified of a pretty racy rumor going around about JON GOSSELIN! I refuse to believe it...but this is what they're saying on Jon and Kate plus 8 star Jon Gosselin has allegedly been out partying with college aged girls Star magazine reports. The rumor mill says Jon Gosselin is separated from his wife Kate and has been staying with his mother. A picture has been posted online showing Jon Gosselin and two young girls at a's the picture:

I refuse to believe this! Anyone who watches the show knows Jon is a great father! This picture looks quite innocent to as far as I'm concerned, Jon just ran into some girls who recognized him and wanted a picture. They weren't partying. Sheesh.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

i'm becoming a product reviewer.

It's BEAUTIFUL outside today! I would post a picture, but I just don't think my camera would do mother nature any justice today! I have been waiting for this fabulous weather! So, that definently means I'll be walking my 3 miles after Girls' Night tonight!! :)

I started another book. Yay! I have really become the avid reader! This one is called "Such a Pretty Fat" by Jen Lancaster. Yes, it's another diet book. But, the last one, I swear! After I finish this, I'm going to read something with some real brain food. Hmm, I think Harry Potter is next. By the way, if you're a super Harry Potter fan like I am, be sure and catch ABC Family this weekend! Harry Potter Marathon! It starts tomorrow night at 6:30!

I'm getting more and more excited because my VERY OWN copy of Twilight will be arriving in the mail soon! predicts it will arrive on March 23rd! I'm super stoked! Finally, Edward Cullen in my living room. Ah.

Zack got to hold Douglas Dean today! Ok, for those of you who don't friends Zack & Amanda had a little boy on Friday February 28th! He was born 3 months pre-mature and he only weighs 2 pounds and some ounces. He is so precious though! He's a little fighter too! They have him in the NICU and he has been really fighting for the past week and a half because he has a blood clot on his brain. The doctors say there's nothing they can do about this, it just has to fix itself, basically. Well, I got some good news yesterday! They did another test on Doug's brain and sure enough, that blood clot is dissolving! Today, I also found out that Zack got to hold Doug for the very first time! See, people, miracles happen! That baby is proof! A picture of Doug for you guys: isn't he sweet? He looks kinda blue because he's under a jaudice light...Although, he is doing better...Douglas Dean is not out of the woods yet so keep praying! :)
Also, I have a new favorite drink. For those of you who know me, you know I'm a total Diet Coke addict. Since I've been on this diet, I've been trying to cut way back on them because of the sugar. So, I've discovered my second love. FUZE. They are ah-may-zing. Not only are they delicious, they are full of vitamins and they're barely any calories! Most are 5, if you buy the FUZE Slenderize! I recommed these BIG time! Not only to dieters either, I bet you guys could totally get your kids to drink them! This one's my fave:

Ok, I guess that's it for now. I feel kinda bad because I think I'm turning my blog into a product review! Everytime I think about blogging, it seems I always have something to recommend. Ah, well.


ps: Don't forget to vote for MY FAVE BAND at They are up for "Best New Vocal Group or Duo" at the ACMs!! YAY for Eli Young Band!! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have a book recommendation! I just finished reading "Half-Assed" by Jennette Fulda and it was extremely good!

If you haven't been following Jennette like I have, you can go to She started a weight loss journey at 375 pounds in 2004 and she now weighs 180! It's truly an inspirational story whether you are dieting or not. She takes the humorous apporoach to weight loss and it really works!

She explains that she hit plateaus, she got discouraged, she even cheated a few times! So, if you are dieting, it lets you know that you can do it! There will be a day you'll step on the scale and hit your goal weight! Jennette did it, so can you!

Go out and get it! And don't forget to visit her blog for information on her weight loss journey, exercise dvds, recipes and much more!

Monday, March 2, 2009


That's right, folks. I'm sitting on a loss of 17 pounds! YAY, I'm sticking with my New Years Resolution! (I'm actually extremely surprised and excited!)

It's official I've been eating healthy and exercising since January 5th and it's paying off! Misty, Emily, Carly and I have been walking at least 3 miles a night and I throw in some extra time on my Gazelle. I do have to confess that I skipped my cardio ALL of last week! But, I've promised myself to get moving right after Oprah today! It's a 50 minute DVD so I'm sure I'll feel better once I'm finished.

Emily and I went to the grocery store yesterday and I stocked up on some more diet food. (I didn't go shopping last week so I had a tendency to eat out a LOT.) But, I'm stockpiled once again and ready to be serious!

I'm trying to make a conscious effort to eat breakfast. That's one of my hardest things. I have such a mental block against breakfast. It made me sick for so long, and since I have to be at work at 7:00 am, I figured eating that early would sour my stomach still. But, I've been bringing fruit to eat around 8:30 or 9:00 am and it really helps! I'm not near as hungry at lunch, so I don't eat WHILE my Lean Cuisine is cooking! (It sounds bad, but I've done it.)

I can't emphasize enough how much having partners has helped me. Emily keeps me on track food-wise, she's always there to say, "You know, you're gonna feel great tomorrow if you just skip that yeast roll today." And Misty is my Jillian. She's ready to exercise whenever so we never miss a night.

We've all still got lots of pounds to shed, but I have to say, I'm proud of us! We have stuck with this and we continue to lose without backpedaling. I can't wait until we're hot, skinny bitches! Haha!

So, I was looking through some old pictures the other day and I came across these from my 21st birthday, September 2007. My final weigh in date for goal 1 of weight loss is my birthday this year. can see a major difference and I'm hoping it's going to change EVEN more! It's sad because I didn't see myself as THAT big in 2007. But, I can sure see it now.

VFW, really?

So, I'm 22 years old. I'm going to go out and have a good time. Usually at honky tonks or clubs, right? No. Leave it to this girl to party at a VFW. Haha!
I live in a very small town. I mean, small. We have to drive 30 miles to the closest Wal-Mart. So, you can imagine when we want to go out, we really have to save our money! We have to buy GAS to get there, drinks, cover charge, etc. Well, my friends and I love going to Texarkana or Idabel, OK to party, but sometimes we just don't wanna drive that far! So, we decided to try the Bogata VFW! (Bogata is a small town about 15 minutes from mine; it consists of the VFW, a travel stop and a dollar general.)

So, I LOVED it! They have karaoke and cheap drinks! Granted, we were the youngest people in there...but it was so fun! It's mostly older people, but they're just out to have a good time! It was a stinkin' blast and I will definently be back.

It's a small place, but it's close to home and the people are laid back. We had a great time. It just goes to show, you don't have to get all dressed up, spend a fortune on alcohol and drive 45 miles across the Red River to have a good time!

Em, me and Jess at the VFW!