Sunday, September 27, 2009

I promise I'll do better...

Hello all! Sorry I have been so absent lately...I've been ONE BUSY GIRL. I'm all moved into my very own little house, I've started all classes and I'm finally getting used to a brand new job. Whew...that's alot to handle all at once!! But, let me tell you guys...I am loving it. I'm so glad to be back home and closer to my family. I do miss my little Texans though. :*(

This weekend was completely and totally boring. I spent two days working on a geography presentation, a philosophy paper and studying for two tests. I better ace those!

I had an amazing birthday with two of my best friends in the world. SO MUCH FUN. I'm so glad to be back here and to be able to reconnect with people that I haven't gotten to see in so long. Especially my brother. We are getting closer by the day...we've always had a pretty strong bond but it's getting even stronger lately. He's off at college...crazy. And he loves it. Amber and I are taking a trip there this coming weekend for family day. It's going to be so weird to be at my college and see my brother there going to the same classes I did. Ha, weird. It's going to be super fun though! Enjoy: Pictures from the past month and a half!

Happy Birthday to Meee!! :)

Okay, okay. Weight loss. I really haven't lost anything since I've been here. :( I've gotten 59 pounds off and kept them off but it's beginning to get VERY difficult. So, I've started Jillian's 30 Day Shred again. I moved up to level 2 tonight. Geez, I'm sure I'll feel that in the morning. I'm looking at some different gyms around here because I know I reallyyy need to get back in there. Although the scale shows no significant difference, I feel fatter. Is that weird? I've been staying on plan with my eating ever since I arrived but I took a month long hiatus from any type of exercise except for some brisk walking at my high schools track. I just don't feel good. I need that "WOW look at the scale" feeling again. Any pointers? I'm hoping The Biggest Loser will help me with inspiration. I usually don't get to watch full episodes because I have class that night but for the past two weeks, it has really gotten me motivated! Why can't I get my fat ass off the couch and exercise if those people are? So, keep your fingers crossed for me that my motivation returns full force and I can get these last 20 pounds off!! :)

So, I promise I'll do better about updating. I have more time now that I'm settled into a routine. And I have seriously been missing your blogs!! :)



  1. Happy birthday! I totally know the feeling of the scale isn't moving, but you feel fatter. AMAZING job on keeping the 59 lbs off!

  2. Happy Belated B/day Kasey! It's good to hear that you're settled in and Happy! Once your settled in, it would be easier to get back into a routine, take care!

  3. Was thinking about you today and wondered how you are doing. Post when you can! :-)