Tuesday, January 12, 2010

hiya guys.

Yay for Kasey blogging again!! Sorry I've been so absent and I've broken so many promises to continue blogging and staying in touch better. This time, I'm serious again. Swear. It's gonna happen...I'm going to post so often you guys get tired of me!!

So, since I've talked to you all last, not too much has happened. I finished my first semester at NPCC and it was wonderful. All A's. :) Thank you very much.
As far as weight goes, I'm still not doing much. I'm stuck in a rut guys...this is why I've returned to blogging. I need some MOTIVATION! I haven't gained anything since my move but I also have not lost ONE SINGLE SOLITARY pound. This is getting to be a bit depressing. This past weekend I bought a new Biggest Loser DVD, "Last Chance Workout." It kicked my big, fat booty. But, in all honesty, I'm looking forward to doing it again because I know those things work. I just need you guys to keep me motivated, please!! I need your help!! :) My best friends Amber & Sarah have started a diet with me and they are exercising on a regular basis as well but we can't all get together and do things because our schedules are so conflicting. This makes everything LOTS harder than it was in Texas. In Texas, I had Misty & Emily to be my workout buddies and accountability partners. Now, I'm basically on my own except for a phone call to Amber each day to recount my caloric intake and exercise. Keep me in your thoughts, guys. I'm miserable with myself right now and I HAVE TO GET THIS WEIGHT OFF!!

That being said, I am extremely EXCITED to get my diet and exercise going again. I know, most of my excitement comes from blogging about it. I didn't realize how important blogging was to my weight loss until I stopped doing it. But, I'm back and ready to rock!!

Until next time, I'll leave you guys with some pictures of the past few months. :)

Heather's Bachelorette Party @ The Big Chill

The besty & I all ready for Smyly's.
Amber, Sarah & Me at Frown Pow'r Concert @ Low Key Arts


  1. It is GREAT to see you Kasey!! I was just thinking about you the other day and *Poof* here you are!

    You look fab sweetie and look forward to reading more posts.

  2. Good to see you again. Looks like you have been enjoying yourself.

    Looking forward to lots more posts!

  3. Hey girl!!! So good to see you again! You look gorgeous!
    That DVD looks good - I'll have to check it out!