Sunday, January 17, 2010

Are you kidding me?

I was such a stinkin' hard worker this week. I didn't cheat once on my diet and I worked out every single day. Guess what the scale said? 0 POUNDS LOST. Are you stinkin' kidding me? Geez. How depressing.

I'm trying to stay upbeat about the entire thing. I have taken a 4 month hiatus from any regular exercise and diet. So, maybe my body just has to get used to this whole thing all over again. But, honestly, I don't like it. :( I'm struggling each day to stay on plan and that was never so hard before. I look at pictures of myself from a year ago and think I looked horrible back then, I look way better now!! And all that mentality does to me is not make me work as hard. I figure, hey, 60 pounds gone, I shouldn't have to worry about strict dieting anymore, only maintaining. Too bad that's not the case...I have a good 40 more pounds to get off and I just can't get myself motivated. After a weigh in like today's, I need a miracle. I'm going to continue to eat healthy and do my exercise everyday this week and maybe, just maybe, something amazing will happen on the scale next Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I need all the help I can get!

On a lighter note, me and the girls decided to go out dancing Friday night...just us. It was a blast. I had forgotten how much girls night really means to me. :) We definitely got our exercise and it was a good boost for all our egos. There were some pretty good looking guys lurking around asking us to dance. :) So, that was nice. We've all decided we're going to try and reserve one night a month just for the girls. Fun. :) I'll post a few pictures to show you guys how cute we looked.

"Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and boys are just people to have fun with."


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