Tuesday, January 12, 2010

rip cavalac.

Hey, hey, hey. Seems I'm on a roll today...two posts!! I totally wish I had some AMAZING progress pics to show you all, but I don't. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I had taken a sebatacle from blogging only to return trim and firm? Ha, keep wishing guys. Until that day, I can only give you sad pictures of my crushed car. I decided I would make a special post for my little baby, the Cavalier. She is no more. Purchased by Allstate, I'm sure she's been scrapped for metal and is in car heaven. Love that little car. :)

I'm going to post some pictures of my sad, little car. She was violently slammed into under a yellow light one morning around 7:35. SAD DAY. So, she was put to sleep and I was awarded a very small sum for my pain and suffering from Allstate Insurance Company. VERY SAD. VERY SCARY. I'd never been in a wreck before, so I was an insurance claim filing virgin. Very tricky stuff. Dealing with numerous insurance agents was a bit overwhelming while also dealing with the fact I had no car, I had to get a car in a hurry and my neck was killing me. Damn whiplash. Anyway, the poor little Cavalier has been replaced with a smoother riding, Grandma-looking Mercury Sable. Ah, I do love my new car. :) So, in her memory...I am going to post some pictures of the Cavalac. :(


Say goodbye to her. :(



  1. Yes ma'am! I am now driving a very grandma Mercury Sable that I LOVE!! :)